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We at Flax & Thimble believe that if a product is made to touch your skin it should be of the highest quality and natural in origin. When selecting a product, such as a handkerchief, it is important to bear in mind that you are exposing sensitive tissue to a material that is bound to leave behind some of its fibers. That is why our products are primarily linen since its historical use has centered around the body and is time tested through the ages. Linen’s historical use has ranged from priestly garments to burial shrouds. Linen for handkerchiefs is the obvious choice. Today linen is still relevant and is a superior fabric for the body today as it was years ago. In a culture that seeks to substitute what historically has been natural and beneficial with a cheaper engineered polymer material, it is imperative that the consumer demand what is best for their body. We at Flax & Thimble strive to facilitate your desire to surround yourself with what is naturally beautiful.

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